Same-Sex Attraction and Truth

Before I begin discussing truth, let me first state that my intentions purely stem from charity towards everyone, those who deal with SSA (same-sex attraction) and those who do not.  I absolutely love every single person who copes in some manner with this sensitive topic, and express my absolutely firm testimony that we are all children of God, deserving of respect, acceptance, compassion, hope, and every other good thing in life.  Our Heavenly Father desires us to experience joy along every step of mortality, and so I also intend to provide that same joy through each of my postings here-most especially this one.  Let me first begin with those of us, whether LDS or not, who struggle to know truth concerning same-sex attraction.

First and foremost, if you do not know something is true then the best course of action is to test it.  In the Church, we believe that God loves all His children, regardless of their sexual orientation.  We define ourselves by our divine identity as children of God, not by our past or present desires, mistakes, backgrounds, abilities, etc.  As someone once said, "In the sight of God, it is not so much about where we have been or what we have done, but where we are going.", meaning that our present progression into the future is most important to our Father in Heaven, and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  If you are seeking to know truth, good. That is a wonderful step in the right direction towards heaven.  Now, then, how does one come to know truth?  Start by defining truth, so that you are working with the right materials.  A mechanic has to have all the properly sized tools to work on different cars-so it is with truth.  You may have to explore these different definitions of what truth is, and either find witnesses of their validity in your life or test them out in your personal life.  As you do so, you are building up a foundation of knowing what general truth is, so you can discover which specific concepts, philosophies, religious doctrines, and so forth are true.

Once you build this foundation of general truth with all its specific components, then I would recommend living and praying about truths that the Church teaches in relation to same-sex attraction.  If you are a child of God, choose to be happy in all situations, to view yourself confidently, to live faithfully while being patient with yourself, and all that jazz.  You are amazing.  And you deserve abundant life, temporally and spiritually.  That is your birthright as a spirit child of your Heavenly Father.  Also, if it is the will of God for you, then seek out romance once the time is right.  Faithful women are beautiful, virtuous, and a positive influence on men when viewed from every angle-spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and (depending on the subjective view of the man) physically.  Take it easy, relax, and know that things work out in due time.  I believe every SSA man (or woman) is capable of finding someone to love when it is God's will for them in this life, because He can provide them with the means necessary.  Otherwise, I would like to expound a little for those whose circumstances prevent that from happening, whether by choice or not.

If you are one of the individuals who is doing all they can to live in sexual purity, I applaud you with deep and genuine respect and fervent admiration.  Our Savior most certainly expects us to lay everything at His altar He will require of us, in order to obtain exaltation.  My only plea-maintain that sexual purity.  Your virtue, your sense of peace, the companionship of the Spirit, and most of all, your crown of godhood and a fulness of joy is far more important than any other worldly pursuit of pleasure, passion, emotion, and so on.  Find other methods to fill in the space that such a desire leaves, with pursuits of pure love.  Fatherhood (or for women, motherhood) as a single parent with adopted children may fulfill that role beautifully, as a wise friend of mine has decided to aim for.  What an amazing idea- gathering little children from third world countries and taking them in!  I love that idea.  Others could devote their time to volunteering in hospitals, homeless shelters, and various other worthy causes in the community.  And, of course, pursuing family history with renewed vigor and a true knowledge of how its processes work always fills us up with goodness.  I also think, last of all, that missionary work-whether of preaching or service-accomplishes the purpose of filling oneself up with pure, perfect love.  And, as John the Beloved taught, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that hath fear is not made perfect in love.  We love him, because he first loved us."  (1st John 4:18-19)  Indeed, we love God so our love can be perfected in Him, to banish fear and embrace faith, hope, and charity, for all must be present or none of them can be (Moroni 7:39-47).

As one patiently lives and sees the fruits of perfect love instead of fear, it is my knowledge that they will come to believe in the truths the gospel teaches regarding each aspect of same-sex attraction.  Such things come with time; we cannot expect them to happen by a calendar or deadline.  Light, being divine, shines upon our hearts in the Lord's way, will, and time.  Each of you are children of God, no matter what your sexual orientation may be or where you are at spiritually.  Remember this and act accordingly, and His Spirit will carry you high on its wings towards heaven.  You are loved.

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