Civility, Morality, and Homosexuality

Although I could post continually on places like Facebook, Twitter, or other social media websites, I think that I could offer far more information by simply putting out my beliefs and opinions concerning the various pathways one can take with gay marriage.  Previously, I discussed why it is positive for us to embrace celestial marriage, because it leads to exaltation, and I also attempted to discuss at length how we might accomplish that.  Now, I think that, in light of the recent legalization of gay marriage in Utah, that it is time for me to discuss why we must shun, fight against, and utterly turn away from even the idea of gay marriage-let alone embracing its wickedness.  For some, you will be expecting me to bash on the gay community, to outline every reason why they are sinners before God, and to condemn their mortal existence in hellfire.  You can find such hideous, hateful writings elsewhere, because my writings never will never contain such intent.  It would be equally, if not more wicked of me to condemn and hate those who are (in my view) transgressing the laws of God when I do the same myself.  I condemn behavior-not individuals.  Moving forward, then...

Because traditional families are the central unit to the success of society, as demonstrated by historical evidence, learned men in the modern-day fields of social sciences, and presently developing American civilization, they must be protected.  The traditional family of one man and one woman is under attack today, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  The grace and goodness of a virtuous woman in the home is mocked, undermined, and minimized in its majestic significance, and the strong, firm, and practical guidance of a man is downplayed and scorned in its essential function.  By design, whether of nature or by God (depending on your beliefs), women are naturally nurturing and strive for that which is morally pure.  Men, on another plane, are naturally the ones to preside, provide, and protect.  Is that not true in every society we have seen,where men and women follow the natural course of nature?  Even in completely pagan or relatively atheistic societies, such as the Romans or the Greeks, clearly the roles of men and women remained strong.  And as those civilizations drew to a close in all their earthly glory (particularly the Roman empire), open homosexuality ran rampant. 

Is it any wonder or coincidence that in the more organized, educated, and morally upright phases of civilizations, natural practices have been followed, and then in the more degenerate, ignorant phases, unnatural practices such as homosexuality have then followed?  Concerning what the social sciences have said about the necessity for traditional families in society, I need not expound very much.  Suffice it to say that families do not function as well in the natural, intended way when homosexual marriages are practiced and children are brought forth.  If Nature or God had intended for men and men (or women and women) to be able to biologically reproduce, then it seems only logical that our anatomy would be vastly different. But it isn't.  In my view, it also seems that the experience of both motherhood and fatherhood is robbed from all people who engage in homosexual relationships and marriages, as well as from their children.  Not only is this unfair to the adults, because they miss out on having the joyous life experience of creating biological children, but also because the children are imposed into an environment that is unnatural and does not naturally exist from the start.  When I say "natural", I mean as things would be without the interference of mankind or any other influence.  Natural courses provide optimum results. In the most prosperous, civilized, and peaceful societies, homosexuality did not exist in abundance.  Here in our society, people everywhere, it seems, run rampant with the banner of their sexuality, decrying any kind of "unconstitutional", "hateful", or "unequal" treatment.  But really, gay marriage is a detriment to the well-being and peace of society, and it will destroy it if fully embraced everywhere. This is why:

Gay marriage popularizes a highly diseased, emotionally unstable, and sexualized culture that, in combination, will kill off individuals through AIDS, drugs, alcohol abuse, suicide, and other unsavory methods that I care not to discuss.  It also opens the window for people to act even more entitled in an already overly entitled society called America.  Why?  Because gay marriage weighs heavily with a bias of concern towards adults-not children, who are the future of America and the keystone to our success, but rather people who are concerned about their personal emotional and sexual affairs.  How selfish!  The audacity absolutely shocks me beyond belief.  In addition, gay marriage rips apart the sanctity of traditional marriage through its popularizing because, in addition to marriage already being a throwaway ceremony, now it is something that anyone can throw away.  It also advertises the lesser forms of love such as sex and intimate friendship as actual true love, which confuses people into thinking that somehow love is lust and lust is love.  That promotes more unbridled sexuality, which influences people into other sexual perversions.  People say, "Oh well you don't know what happens behind closed doors."  I do when it is 2am and two people are attractive, alone together, and are with each other in a relationship-marriage or otherwise.  Sexual behavior, private or open, is implied to other people by the very fact that they are in a marriage.  That is the gateway to sexual expression for a great deal of individuals-so when they see people engaging in sexuality that is unbridled, unnatural, and unproductive in bringing forth children, they assume that the same sexuality in other contexts is okay.  Examples can change people-for the worse or the better.  And when people are openly gay and supporting marriage between themselves, that oversteps moral boundaries and thus is to be fought against and prevented. 

I could go on and on about why gay marriage destroys the functioning of American society in its well-being and peace.  I could cite endless references and argue until I am blue in the face, supporting my position about this.  But again, I am not here to say why others are wrong.  I am here to state why I disapprove and fully reject the motives behind legalizing gay marriage, and the actual decision to legalize gay marriage. I really hope that we all understand why it has become necessary to make a stand for what is morally right within the bounds of civility.  Marriage is not a strictly religious or spiritual affair-it has been, is, and always will be an issue of morality at its deepest levels.  And I believe in upholding morality, especially when it affects society at large. I do not care if people think that the civil government is overstepping its bounds when it gets involved with gay marriage. When matters of morality overstep their bounds into matters of civility, the government has every right to protect what is morally just, pure, and righteous.

And regardless of whether marriage is an institution or invention of man or not, the government regulates other affairs of morality too for the same reason-we all desire protection from that which disturbs our peace and well-being as Americans. Thieves, prostitutes, rapists, murderers, sexual perverts, abusers, and those who commit lesser crimes are all punished under civil laws. Marriage, which affects the peace and well-being of society at large, is no different. People state, "Well, I have the right to freely act in this country. It's a free country!" You're a @#!*% fool if you think this country is absolutely free. People are restricted in their actions all the time when their actions potentially can affect or do affect others in detrimental and even destructive ways.
When all earthly things pass away before the burning glory of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, however, and only the eternal can and will stand, the whole earth shall know what love truly is-and what binds it together between two human beings. Chemical romances, infatuations, lust, passions, and everything else that flees away with time is not eternally binding. Friendship between two members of the same sex, though running deep and emotionally intimate, is not eternally binding. True love that binds people together is eternal, and the power that binds one man and one woman for eternity will only ever be found in the walls of the temples of God. And that will remain the same, forever and ever.  Love you all!!!

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